dailybell: The Sun Also Rises (and Sets) in Berlin

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sun Also Rises (and Sets) in Berlin

DAY 1 in Berlin

The show at Phaeno in Wolfsburg, Germany closed a few weeks ago, and Norman went there this past week to pack up his pieces. His work will soon travel along with the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre to the Parque Ciencias in Granada. Since Norman was jetlagged the whole time he was in Germany he was able to carry on the dailybell sun observances without too much trouble. When he finally finished taking his show down, he stayed in Berlin on a houseboat for a few days and did a little sight seeing before coming home. One of the places he visited was a bell shop, Der Glockenladen where Michael Metzler (the 3rd generation to operate the shop), made his own bells and bell creations. The bell wheel in the video was inspired by one Michael saw in Toledo, Spain.

Day 2
(He bought one of those bells from Der Glockenladen)

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