dailybell: Third Week of June- MOVIE SUNSETS

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Third Week of June- MOVIE SUNSETS

I documented the evening sunset observances with little movies:

6/17 PM Going, Going, Gong
On my way out the door I noticed the final bit of sunlight on the curtains and decided to stay inside. The gong is a birthday gift from my sister. Thank you Lisa. This one is for you.

6/18 PM Rare Sunset at Ocean Beach. It's Warm!
Norman and I met Liz and Ramona at Ocean Beach for the sunset this evening. They took the streetcar and we met them as they got off the train. When we first got to the shoreline, we saw streams of pelicans flying north – like bird-cows going home. Today had been such a rare, hot day in the 90’s that there were lots of people on the beach scattered among the dunes or walking along the shore. All of us were staring and enjoying a beautiful, clear and not-windy moment at the beach. People actually applauded when the sun went down.

6/19 PM Wherever You Are, Whoever You're With
Krys Bobrowski, Karen Stackpole and I make up the current configuration of Vorticella now that Erin Esplenade has moved to Montana for her new job. So the three of us met for rehearsal in Oakland this evening in preparation for the Chapel of the Chimes summer Solstice event on Saturday. We all paused for a moment and observed the sunset with the entire household.

6/20 PM Sunset at the King of Thai Noodle House
. I took a dinner break from Kinkos where I was making invitations for tomorrow evening at Chapel of the Chimes. In the restaurant, I asked permission before ringing the bells inside. One young man wanted to know what I wanted the staff to do, and I said nothing. I just wanted to know if they minded us ringing the bells at the table. He said it was OK and then was very curious about it. He asked me “do you believe in something?” and I said no it was just about observing the sunrise and set. However, afterwards when I thought about it, I realized that I do believe in something although it’s hard to articulate. I believe in some unassailable connection we all share as living beings and the importance of recognizing and expressing that connection.

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