dailybell: Who is Out and About at 5:00 AM?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who is Out and About at 5:00 AM?

5/25 PM

We were invited to have dinner with Marlita and Luis. As the sun was setting just when dinner was ready, the timing was perfect. So everyone rang bells, and then sat down to eat. During an earlier conversation, I had mentioned that because the sunrise was occurring earlier and earlier, my contact with the Baylink driver was due to expire. We were discussing other possibilities for early morning activity in the city where people might welcome the bell ringing. Some ideas that I can recall were: MUNI depots, flower market, farmers’ markets, taxi stands and police stations. Any other suggestions about where I might go with the bell between 5:40AM and 5:00AM? Please flood me with suggestions.

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